Cyclone Trophy Club Schedule

2021 Schedule of Tournaments

Adam & Squeak 2020 champions with 456 points.



March 14-RD Bailey Lake-(Winter Ramp)-(7am to 3pm)-Canceled

March 28--------Bluestone Lake——------------(7am to 3pm)----Club

April 11----------East Lynn Lake-----(Marina)---(7am to 3pm)----Club

April 18----------Lake Moomaw--------------------(7am to 3pm)----Club

May 2-------Stonewall Jackson Lake------------(6am to 2pm)----Club

May 16---------Yatesville Lake------(Marina)---(6am to 2pm)----Club

May 29-30---Lake Stephens-------(Night)------(8pm to 8am)---Open

June 13---------------Bluestone Lake-------------(6am to 2pm)---Open

(Man, Woman, and/or Kid)   

Woman must be 16 or older. 1 Kid must be 15 or under and 

1 kid must be 12 or under.

June 19-------Kid's Catfish Tournament-------(9am to 1pm)---Open

Toler's Fishin Hole

For Kids ages 0-15

July 10--------Summersville Lake---(Night)-----(7pm to 3am)---Club

(Salmon Run Ramp)

July 24-25-----RD Bailey Lake----(Night)---(8pm to8am)-------Open

August 7-8----RD Bailey Lake-------(Night)-(8pm to 8am)-------Club

August 29-----Bluestone Lake-------------(6am to 2pm)----------Open

 (Man and Woman)

                                                    Woman must be 16 or older

September 12-------Kanawha River--------------(7am to 3pm)---Club

(Frontier Parking Lot)

September 26--Burnsville Lake---(Marina)---(7am to 3pm)-----Club

October 3--------Sutton Lake---(Marina)-----(7am to 3pm)-------Club

October 10----Summersville Lake--Marina---(7am to 3pm)----Open

(Fall Classic)-$120

October 24--Summersville Lake--(Marina)--(7am to 3pm)--Fish Off

 If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at 

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