Points System

  • Teams that don't weigh in any fish will receive last place points.
  • Teams that pay an entry fee but don't fish will receive 5 points below last place.
  • 1st Place will receive 60 points.
  • 2nd Place will receive 59 points.
  • 3rd Place will receive 58 points.
  • 4th Place will receive 57 points.
  • Big Bass will receive 2 points.
  • Points will be determined by the best 8 out of 11 club tournaments fished.
  • If there is a tie in points between two teams at the end of the year, the team with the biggest bass of the year will receive the highest starting position in the fish-off.


1st Place

60 points

2nd Place

59 points

3rd Place

58 points

4th Place

57 points

No fish

Last place points

Paid entry/didn’t fish

5 points below last place

Big Bass

2 points

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